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Whitewater Benefice Giving

Why We Give:

“All things come from you and of your own do we give you.”  (CofE Communion service)

“All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.”  Acts 4:32

Why do we give?  Giving is our response to our relationship with God.  We are giving back out of what He has first given to us.

Ways We Give:

Financial donations

Please select your chosen parish for details:

Offering your time and talents

Volunteers offer their skills in all aspects of the life of the church, including administration, organisation, website, gardening, DIY, dusting, baking, tea/coffee making, music, driving, listening, praying and other areas.

If you’d like to discover where your gifts would be most appropriately used, please speak to: Marion de Quidt, a member of the ministry team or your small group leader. If you would like advice in how best to make financial donations, do speak to Nikki Wild, Stewardship officer (contact via the Benefice Office at St John's)


When we pray, God listens.  Opportunities to pray:

  • Join a regular prayer group (Contact via the Benefice Office or see the Weekly Notices for details of local small groups)
  • Attend Morning Prayer or Evening prayer in the Lady Chapel at St John’s.
  • Pray at home and in your own prayer time for the ongoing ministry and work of the Church.

How we use financial gifts:

  • Outward mission:  This is the community wide activity of the church.  It includes serving the needs of our Parish communities. You will find more about the charities we support on our Partnership tab
  • Worship and Ministry:  Providing a varied pattern of worship across the Benefice, including regular services, and work with our youth and children such as Messy Church, Open the Book, Fingerprints and Junior Church so that they feel welcome and part of our church.
  • Buildings:  We care for our congregation and visitors.  As stewards of the church buildings, we maintain their upkeep and keep them safe and welcoming places to visit.
  • Common Mission Fund: We are members of the Church of England and pay the cost of our clergy through our contribution to the common mission fund.
  • and to be here for anyone in the Parish whenever they need the church.
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