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Test Overview

For Regression Testing there is a page which tests many of the features we use (headings, tables, images - including whitewater specific styles etc). 

The Test pages are as follows

Test Details
Transparency  Tests using a transparent image on a page, and as an icon
Responsive Pictures  Tests of row of 4 images, which become a grid of 4 on a phone
Html entity codes Using html entity codes eg < - this page renders fine.  If you open the page, and save in GUI mode it crashes, you can save in Source mode.

tests a variety of Font Pairing options - which do you prefer

Headings tests the different styles of heading on one page, with some basic text - to check coming from the theme to the design to the page
Tables trying to test changing widths (using max-width etc)

tests a basic form, note: only form in live site is room booking, but have also previously used forms for things like quizes, can we do that?

Old test page

this page contains some old tests used in 2021/2022

Audio tests

two pages, Audio was saved from source and Audio 2 was a copy of the page and saved from GUI. Demonstrates a number of issues, you can't copy the Audio, you can't save a (correct version) from the GUI. Watch for HTML tags & entity codes which also fail to be saved correctly.


Bible reading

Bible reading style (span verse-number)

Image sizing

Image sizing & borders

Responsive Pictures

Responsive Pictures


Heading sizes

Table tests

Table tests - setting various attributes


A transparency test

HTML Entity Codes

HTML Entity Codes

Test Fonts

Test Fonts & Typography

Test Form

A test Form

Test Page created 1 April

Test Page created 1 April

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