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Puppet Sketches

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Videos from our All Age Worship services (first Sunday in the month) - in which the puppets, Jack and Noel get confused about something, and Jill usually sorts them out.

Everlasting Easter (April 2022)

The Easter video from Jack, Jill & Noel - in which Jack wants an Easter Egg Tree so he can have everlasting Easter ... and Noel wants Hot Cross Buns that last for ever. Luckily Jill is around to put them right. Happy Easter to everyone!

Peace at Christmas (December 2021)

The Christmas video from Jack, Jill & Noel - in which Jack is worried about the macaroni variant..... and is looking forward to peas at Christmas....... thank goodness Noel and Jill are around to help him out!

Small steps make a difference (Oct 2021)

Jack has visited IKEA and thinks he's learnt to speak Swedish - but thank goodness Björn is around to help

Listen to the coach (July 2021)

Jack is trying to learn to play football - but needs the coach to help him work out what to do

Looking for Jesus & Living with Rowdy Squirrels (June 2021)

Noel has a squirrel issue, Jack thinks he has the solution...... but as usual they are a little wide of the mark - Jill can help

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