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Our use of the website has evolved over time.  What we used to use, is in some case not used, because its easier to do things a different way.  Notices are no longer pasted in (using paste as word), it was taking too long, and there were too many late changes.  So now the whole notices are attached as PDF to the home page.  This also makes it easier to say download notices from the home page.

Design Decisions

  • Less key strokes, more images, less text CB
  • Login via a separate login (not the current process with a login on every page) - stick with the out of the box processes
  • make pages responsive, don't use so many tables, or those that we do are based on percentages
  • consider whether to have a non-white background, OR to use a white background just to text - better for the eyes
  • fonts & font pairings

Things to look for in pages

  • characters - use html code names for quotes, copyright etc but some seem to crash ckeditor!
  • think responsive, a different way to work with images etc (there are some new classes to use - basically need a container, with some items which flex within the container) - see Responsive Pictures Test
  • widths - don't use absolute number of pixels, think in percentages of page width
  • links in tables, or other entities (they should be in the appropriate font for that entity - we are fixing for each one in the CSS)

Fonts & Font Pairing

See the Font page for a discussion on which fonts families to use. 

At one time, we tended to use a sans-serif font for screen and a serif font for page.  But with better quality devices, that no longer is necessarily the case.  Now we may use a mix with perhaps one font family for body text and another for headings and emphasis (called font pairing).  We are currently using

  • Verdana - for body text
  • Merriweather - for headings and emphasis
  • Barlow - for navigation (because it's more compact than verdana & is available/works)

CKeditor Config Issues

Ckeditor issues are demostrated in the following tests:

They have been removed from this regression test, because the text needs to be recreated each edit, and therefore makes this page harder to maintain.

Tables Tests (H2)

This is whitewater, with text buttons as per giving

Changing this table format - to not use cellpadding/cellspacing & to be more inline with whitewater table

Our typical pattern of services is (this is a whitewater table class, with headings - but nested tables)

Modified to include class outer on the outer table


8:30am Holy Communion traditional said service from the Book of Common Prayer
(rotates around the Benefice)

10am at St John's Hook (also shared via Zoom)
1st Sunday of month is an All Age Service (no communion), the 2nd Sunday is Holy Communion, the 3rd Sunday is a Morning Worship (no communion) and the 4th Sunday is Sung Eucharist with our choir. 
Junior Church runs on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays.

Family Friendly Sunday Services

Informal service for all ages (no Communion):
10am All Age Worship at St John's Hook first Sunday of month
11am Family Praise at Rotherwick second Sunday of month

Monday to Saturday

The Lady Chapel is open daily for private prayers.

Currently we have morning prayers twice a week over Zoom.

Midweek Communion

Said Midweek Holy Communion
Wednesday 10am Holy Communion
this is a mix of over Zoom or in Church - check the calendar for details.

This is pewsheet table

Rotherwick Church


  Col 3:12-17, Matt 13:24b-30




Holy Communion

St John’s Church, Hook

President & Preacher

  Isa 58:1-9a, 1 Cor 2:1-12, Matt 5:13-20


This is a H1

Another Heading (h2)

St John’s Annual Report – as we prepare for the APCM on Sunday 6th April in order to ensure that our report is open, inclusive and interesting I would like to invite the leaders of the many teams and groups at St John’s to promote the varied activities of the church by contributing to the report. I have sent emails to various people, but if you have not heard from me and would like to contribute please write about 100-150 words highlighting: the objectives of your group, what you have achieved and your plans and objectives for the next year. 

handsThe Church of England General Synod (a H3)

meeting from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th February. During this time the Archbishops of Canterbury and York would like to encourage people throughout the Dioceses and parishes to pray for the work and life of the General Synod. An outline of the agenda items:

  • Monday – Ethical investments, gender-based violence debate
  • Tuesday – Women in the episcopate
  • Wednesday – Archbishop of Canterbury’s address, human sexuality, environmental issues, a private members motion on Girl Guiding.

Benefice Office – open weekdays, 9am to 12pm
(01256) 760169

Marion may be contacted on (01256) 760377
or email:

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