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This is help for anyone who is going to be making changes to the Whitewater Churches website.

Document/Link Use
Church edit support site this is good basic documentation from the Church Edit team
Word-show-style.pdf this shows you how to make word show your style, really useful when pasting from word into Church Edit
Whitewater-churches-church-edit-style.pdf The aim of this is to provide a reference for someone who wants to modify or create new content.  There is a section to give details of sizes of various elements, the width of the page content, the size of buttons on the home page.  If you are wanting to modify the style used on the site, see section on Settings and Design!
MailChimp-creating-weekly-notices-campaign-email.pdf The aim of this is to provide a reference for someone creating and sending out the weekly notices (these are in pdf/word and used on website and emailed using MailChimp)

To enable documents to be downloaded from the website, we have pdf versions.  If you need the document master, ask Anna or Dave for a word version.

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