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We are slowly emerging from one of the most challenging seasons for our society in living memory. The church is affected too, and our individual lives have changed. So much has happened in two years, that we need to re-charge and re-envision in line with the Lord’s guidance for today.

Whenever I want to think through a new plan, I know it is best to return to the Word of God, and to ask for the Spirit of Jesus to open my eyes to what the Lord is doing now in our midst. Where do I see the Kingdom of God unfolding? Who is the Lord asking us to be? What is the Lord asking us to do?

God’s people have been through many challenges through history. And one story in the Old Testament may bear fruit if we study it carefully. It is the story of God’s people in exile in Babylon in the 6th Century before Christ, and their return to Jerusalem and to their culture and worship.

Restore, Renew, RebuildLet us ‘triangulate’ with our experience today, and also with the teaching of our Lord Jesus. Let us listen to one another. Our ‘Spring Harvest’ team were immersed into this Bible story at Eastertime, and recommend the book and teaching of Cris Rogers, ‘Restore, Renew, Rebuild’ and ‘The Big Church Read’ to support our learning. Checkout the website:

And let us embrace a clearer vision of our own calling this summer 2022 and for the years ahead.

The sermon series will begin on 19th June 2022, and run through to 31st July 2022. Home groups may meet less often than weekly and so dip into the materials as needed, or use them into and through the summer. Let us listen to what God is saying to us.

To the Glory of God!  Marion, June 2022.

Nehemiah Studies

Nehemiah 1 1. Exile of the people of God: the back story.
Nehemiah 2 2. Returning to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel and Ezra.
Nehemiah 3 3. Returning with Nehemiah.
Nehemiah Chapter 1, the prayer
Nehemiah 4 4. Assessing the challenge ahead.
Nehemiah Chapter 2 & 3

Nehemiah 5 5. Obedience to God is challenged but the people overcome.
Nehemiah Chapters 4 & 5

Nehemiah 6 6. New vision and new ways for the people of God.
Nehemiah Chapters 8 & 9
Nehemiah 7 7. Dedication and Mission.


If you would prefer to use downloadable PDF copies of each of the studies these are also available below:

Nehemiah 1
Study 1
Nehemiah 2
Study 2
Nehemiah 3
Study 3
Nehemiah 4
Study 4.
Nehemiah 5
Study 5
Nehemiah 6
Study 6
Nehemiah 7
Study 7


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